Wills are powerful estate planning documents that outline the intended transfer of a property or asset to a beneficiary after a decedent passes away. There are many different things that people need to understand about these arrangements. For example, there are multiple different types of wills that each feature their own legal processes.

Other details might complicate a beneficiary’s understanding of these documents. Thankfully, a knowledgeable wills attorney could provide crucial assistance. A dedicated legal representative could outline a few unique aspects of wills in Rosemead, to help a family understand the documents that their loved one left behind.

Types of Wills

Local residents create many different kinds of wills that all have their own nuances. Starting with the most basic, a traditional will is one that clearly lists assets and outlines how they should be transferred after a decedent passes away. Meanwhile, pour-over wills account for residual property. They serve as a supplement to a living trust and protect any asset that is not listen in a traditional will or trust. For instance, a decedent might decide to arrange a pour-over will to control any property they forgot to account for in their traditional will.

Finally, international wills are for arrangements of assets located outside of the United States. These documents help someone plan for the distribution of assets located abroad, such as business items or real estate. A knowledgeable attorney in Rosemead could assess a family’s situation to determine the kind of will that their decedent left behind.

How to Store and Find a Will

Part of the will creation process includes finding a safe place to store the document once completed. Many attorneys recommend placing a completed estate planning framework in a secure location, such as a strongbox or lockbox located at home. When it comes to informing family members about the location of a will, it is best to only share this information with a trustee, an executor, an appointed family member, or an attorney.

When a decedent passes away, locating their will can sometimes become problematic for family members. In some cases, the family’s attorney would know where the documented is located and could inform a representative. In other situations, surviving family members might need to search through any available estate planning or record keeping documents left behind by the decedent. Finally, in some cases, a will might be lost or destroyed. If this happens, a family would need to navigate the probate process to collect the assets or properties they deserve.

An experienced lawyer in Rosemead could help a confused individual store or locate the will left behind by their loved one, to simplify the asset redistribution process.

Contested Wills

One of the most frustrating probate complications occurs when someone contests a will. If an opposing family member decides that they want to question the validity of a will, they usually present their objections in a probate court. For example, they might compile evidence to try and argue that the arrangement is illegitimate. They might also attempt to convince a judge that additional beneficiaries need to be added.

There are many different reasons that an opposing party might contest a will. For instance, a family member might want to collect more than their fair share of the inheritance. In other cases, a different beneficiary might not want another family member to collect anything at all. Finally, a manipulative individual might try and inherit assets unfairly after they were purposely left out of a will.

Anyone who is examining a will or validating one in court needs to be wary of these tactics. Thankfully, a loyal attorney in Rosemead could help an estate representative resolve a contested will.

Speak With an Attorney about the Unique Aspects of Wills in Rosemead

The nuances listed above are all important pieces of information for anyone interested in drafting, analyzing, or locating a will. These impactful documents can help you carefully plan for your future, so understanding all the many aspects of wills is rather crucial. If you are confused about how these agreements work, an intelligent lawyer could further explain the unique aspects of wills in Rosemead. The sooner you learn about your options, the better your estate plan could be. Reach out to the office today to schedule a consultation.

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