Wills are crucial estate planning documents that outline the future transfer of valuable family assets. These documents are important because they allow someone to protect the items that they have worked so hard to earn.

It is important to understand that beneficiaries and family members are obligated to respect the wishes listed in a decedent’s will. Unfortunately, many people try and take advantage of these arrangements by acting fraudulently. This could dramatically effect what happens to a decedent’s property. If you believe you noticed a family member trying to ignore or alter loved one’s wishes, a tenacious wills attorney could help. A dedicated lawyer could help protect your loved one’s property and explain how to fight against fraud in Rosemead wills.

Common Examples of Will Fraud

When it comes to wills, there are many different instances of manipulative or dishonest actions that a judge would consider fraudulent. Common examples of problematic behavior include but are not limited to:

  • Authoring a fake will
  • Forging a witness’s signature
  • Pressuring someone to sign a document against their free will
  • Using a non-relative to convince an attorney to allow changes
  • Altering a will without the author’s permission
  • Striking or eliminating clauses from a document

An inquisitive attorney in Rosemead knows what signs to look for and could determine whether someone else’s actions count as will fraud.

Why Might Someone Commit Will Fraud?

In most situations, greed is the biggest factor that motivates someone to fraudulently author, change, or sign a will. For instance, people often want to collect more property than they deserve, change who inherits what, or prevent someone else from inheriting anything at all. They want to maximize their benefits and steal from others.

In many cases, someone might recognize that an elderly relative is struggling mentally. They might see an opportunity to take advantage of this person through getting them to make unfair changes to a will. The greed associated with these situations can be disheartening to witness, but a compassionate lawyer in Rosemead could help an individual begin the process of combatting will fraud.

Detecting and Preventing Fraud in Wills

If an individual suspects that another family member is acting manipulatively or deceptively with anything relating to a will, they can act to isolate the behavior and prevent future foul play.

Detecting will fraud can be tricky, especially if a document appears to be signed by two witnesses. However, there are multiple ways that a hardworking legal representative could help. If someone believes that an entire will is fraudulent, a legal advocate could ask a judge to thoroughly examine the document. If the author has already passed away and someone suspects manipulation, an attorney could ask a handwriting expert to validate a signature. A lawyer could even speak with the witnesses to the signing, to make sure that everyone pledged the document according to their own free will. Pursuing these strategies can be time consuming but it is usually worth the effort.

When it comes to preventing future fraudulent actions, it is best to always draft a will or estate plan while a dedicated attorney watches. Legal representation has the experience necessary to identify and combat common red flags. A skilled legal advocate in Rosemead could thoroughly assess the creation of a will to make sure that nobody attempts any form of fraud.

Speak With an Attorney about Fraud in Rosemead Wills

Witnessing someone attempt to modify a will, author one without permission, or force someone to sign against their agency can be a frustrating and confusing situation. Fortunately, you do have options if you believe that someone is attempting to manipulate a decedent’s estate plan. A well-practiced lawyer could assess the situation and outline common strategies for combatting fraud in Rosemead wills. Acting quickly to prevent further complication is crucial, so do not hesitate to retain legal representation. Contact our office today to begin fighting for your rights.

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