Trusts are an excellent way to transfer property from one party to another. This exchange is efficient and can avoid the complications that often arise during probate. Additionally, trusts offer excellent tax benefits to property holders.

Unless otherwise stated, a trust will remain in effect until the last of the property changes hands, ensuring the financial stability of others in the future. However, situations can arise where a change or termination of a trust becomes necessary.

Fortunately, an attorney could help to explore your options concerning trust modification and termination in Orange County. Reach out to a knowledgeable trusts lawyer today to learn more.

When to Modify or Terminate a Trust in Orange County

Generally, there are two types of trust, a revocable trust, and an irrevocable trust.  A revocable trust allows trust makers to change, modify and or revoke the trust at any time, so long as they have testamentary capacity.  A revocable trust can be changed, modified, or revoked without any court involvement.

An irrevocable trust, for the most part is irrevocable and permanent. However, the law recognizes that circumstances can change, and modifications or terminations of trusts may be necessary.

People may choose to change an irrevocable trust for several reasons. For example, one may choose change the trustee, successor trustee, or beneficiaries.  Additional changes may include altering distribution amounts or adding restrictions regarding distribution of assets to the beneficiaries.

The trustee may also feel that a trust is no longer serving its core purpose or when changes are necessary to ensure proper trust administration. An attorney could work with beneficiaries, trust makers, and administrators to determine whether a modification or termination of an Orange County trust is necessary.

The Legal Processes Required to Change or End a Trust

A revocable trust can almost always be modified or terminated. A core concept under the law says that if a trust contains language regarding revocation or modification, the trust can be changed or ended.

More common concerns arise when a trust appears to be irrevocable. For example, under California Probate Code § 15403, if all beneficiaries agree that a trust should change, they can petition the court to invoke these changes. Similarly, if all beneficiaries and the trust maker agree that a trust should end, they may act independently to make these changes without court approval.

By contrast, in situations where beneficiaries cannot agree, courts may decide to modify or terminate the trust if the parties can demonstrate that changing the agreement would be possible if all beneficiaries concurred. Additionally, the parties asking for the change must prove that the beneficiaries who disagreed would not be negatively affected by the change. A hardworking lawyer in Orange County could provide more information about the legal processes necessary to change or terminate trusts.

It May be Possible to Effectuate an Orange County Trust Modification or Termination

One of the main advantages of creating a trust is that the trust is revocable unless otherwise stated. At the same time, irrevocable trusts can be surprisingly flexible. For example, if beneficiaries and trustees can agree, the irrevocable trust can be modified or terminated without court intervention.

It is only when parties cannot agree to these changes that court approval is necessary. An experienced legal team member could ensure that parties involved in a trust reach a mutual agreement to avoid conflict. Reach out to an attorney to learn more about Orange County trust modification and termination.

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