The ability to make your own choices about your life is central to your rights as an adult. Only you can spend your money, sell property, apply for government programs, and seek legal assistance. However, situations can arise where you are no longer able or willing to make these decisions. If you recognize that the need to empower another to act on your behalf is approaching, you may want to think about enacting a power of attorney with the help of our skilled estate planning representatives.

This powerful document authorizes another person to act on your behalf. When granted this authority, they can perform specific tasks or take any steps necessary to protect your well-being and property. A Huntington Beach power of attorney lawyer could provide more information about the legal impact of these documents and explain what you need to do to give them the appropriate effect.

Power of Attorney Arrangements Explained

A power of attorney is a legally binding document that empowers another person to act on behalf of the author. These arrangements may come in two forms. A durable power of attorney authorizes a holder to take all reasonable steps to protect the property of an author. This authorization remains in effect until the subject’s death and covers all topics, except for medical decisions. By contrast, a specific power of attorney only gives another person the authority to perform certain listed actions. This document ceases to have any legal power once the named action is completed.

California Probate Code § 4450 explains the power that someone has when acting under a durable power of attorney. Approved actions include:

  • Receiving income
  • Executing legal documents, such as deeds, mortgages, or car loans
  • Obtaining legal help or representation
  • Filing taxes or other documents to the relevant government agencies
  • Entering binding contracts

A knowledgeable representative in Huntington Beach could help someone further understand the authorizations and responsibilities associated with a durable power of attorney.

Why Would Someone Create a Power of Attorney?

Many people create powers of attorney if they suspect that a physical or mental ailment will soon degrade their ability to make informed choices on their own. For example, being diagnosed with cancer or another serious disease may spur an individual to place their legal affairs into the hands of a trusted friend or family member.

Meanwhile, more unique circumstances might also inspire someone to enact a power of attorney. For instance, someone might want a person who has experience in private to sell a home for them. A person might also be out of the country and need to file income taxes according to state and federal law. Creating a specific power of attorney would be the ideal legal option for these circumstances. If someone is trying to decide whether a power of attorney would help them resolve unique problems, a seasoned lawyer in Huntington Beach could evaluate their situation.

Contact a Huntington Beach Power of Attorney Representative Today

Many people find that they have lost the ability or desire to handle their financial matters. If they recognize this fact before becoming incapacitated, they have the option of creating a power of attorney. These documents authorize another person to act on your behalf to either take control of all your financial affairs or act towards a specific purpose.

A Huntington Beach power of attorney lawyer could help you determine if these arrangements are necessary or advisable. If the document is a good fit, they could take the lead to draft the necessary paperwork that gives you protection in the future. Reach out to a lawyer now to discuss your options.

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